Wednesday, June 25, 2008

JMO - The Truth be told

As they say, "Timing is everything." Well, almost everything, but for George Bush it is everything. As we slowly find out the truth behind his presidency, all the corruption and secrecy is coming into the light. He can't get out of the White House fast enough. And I hope more and more comes out to show what a real asshole and liar Bush was and what an enemy of our country Cheney was. They tried to steal our government for their own agenda.

Why the sudden rage?

Today the Washington Post has a story about an internal investigation of the Justice Department which showed a clear and consistent pattern of hiring only republicans into positions in the department based on the individual's political perspective than their resume. They hired attorney and employees to foster an extreme conservative, religious, corporate-friendly agenda. Plain and simple, they corrupted our Justice system at the top and throughout the Department.

The report says the selection commitee routinely overlooked or rejected resumes from well qualified attorneys who were described as democrats or independents, especially liberal. And they rejected anyone with ties to any organzation, such environment, human rights, civil rights, etc. solely on the basis of their affliation. And then selected republican attorneys with lesser qualifications.

Today the New York Times reports the White House refused to open and read an e-mail from the EPA with the documents they intended to release that would define greenhouse gases as pollutants and subject to regulation by the EPA. That was last December! And now the EPA is releasing a new version of the same document which say greenhouse gases "may" be pollutants but not necessary to regulate.

And we will never know which energy corporate executives were friends of Cheney and participated in his energy task force. And we will never know what was said and what was done, but we do know now that their meetings in 2002 were part of the strategic plan for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. We know the war in Iraq was about oil for the Administration's corporate friends. The rest of the reasons were for public dissemination. They weren't the reason, just the explanation and now the excuses.

But we know now it was all a pack of lies. And we've been slowly learning this over this last year or so.

And we know the Homeland Security Administration isn't about security, but about coercing money from Congress, our money, in the name of national security to displace the Contstition, our civil rights and liberties, with control and surveillence. Control at the airports, which aren't useful or productive (no one has ever been arrested, indicted and convicted for being a terrorist through the airport/airline passenger and baggage searches).

And we know while proposing "tax saving" measures to cut social services they're spending unreal amounts of money on the miliitary and wars. We've become a military society with the look of a republic. We're spending $10-12 Billion per month for everyting associated with the two wars. And we know $ Billions have been lost or unacconted for in Iraq, much of it in cash, now in the hands of corporate exectuives, corrupt Iraqis and the various groups we're fighting. We're funding both sides of this war.

I could go on and on, but the more we know, the more we discover just how focused and corrupt President Bush and Vice President Cheney was, and both lead a corrupt White House Administration and Federal government with their politiical appointees.

Ok, enough of Bush-bashing. How about Schwarzenegger? He ok'd a deal to delay the overdue payments from Tribes for Casino taxes, currently at $30 Billion in arrears, to next year and only making payments on the debt. This after a Tribe contributed $45,000 to an initiative cause backed by Schwarzenegger just last month.

What's that about timing?

Such is life these days. History seems to keep coming back to bite Bush where he sat and made his decision about lying to the American people. I hope more comes out and he leaves office with a lot of it on his face.

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