Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Opera Browser

This is a warning about Opera (browser) and Macs.

If you have a Mac and want to install browser Opera, don't. Or at least check your Adobe software after installing Opera. Why? I updated my Opera version which had no problems to date with any other software package I have, including Adobe's Creative Suite and GoLive 9. But after updating, Some of them, especially GoLive, wouldn't start. It would open the opening window with the package and spin the rainbow icon stopping at "Loading Rendering Libraries"). Nothing else happened.

So after some time sorting out where the problem lies, meaning running disk utilities for permissions, uninstalling and reinstalling GoLive 9, and trying a few other things, I uninstalled Opera, and lo and behold, everything worked and my Mac ran slightly faster. If you have any problems, you can simply remove the Opera applications and the libraries in the user directory (search for folder/file names with the name Opera), and restart the Mac, and everything should work again.

And yes, an e-mail has been sent to Opera about a bug in the latest version, to which I won't use again. Sorry, I paid good money for GoLive and like it, so it's not a choice of which to jettison from my Mac.

So my advice now? Don't use Opera browser or beware it has bugs that conflict other package and effect your Mac.

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  1. A followup to this post (sorry, it's way late). I learned that Adobe's software shares some libraries with Opera's software, and the Opera software can change some of the libraries where the Adobe software can't find or access, which was the GoLive 9 problem. I removed any Opera sofware I have on my Mac and won't install any future versions, because as I said, I like GoLive 9 for my Web work.

    So the warning still applies, check any Adobe applications if you install or update any version of Opera's browser. But, I would go further to just avoid it unless Opera and Adobe can asure users they don't have conflicts.