Tuesday, January 20, 2009

JMO - Silence is not an option

Well, Mr. President Obama, you've had silence as an option in answering questions during the transistion while President Bush was in office. But now, sir, you don't have that option anymore. Words are all you have, silence only begets oppositon from those who may want silence, yours to say it's not something you want to discuss or provide an answer. But words are your sword and words are your savior.

And silence is not an option. So you have to wield your words wisely, with discretion, truth and honesty. And while you may want to hide behind words, as a coat to keep what you know, think, believe and feel to yourself, you can't. People will see through words as fast they enter the world. Words are transparent, and try as you might want to make the issue complex or confusing, you won't as your words will betry you.

And words, when spoken from the mind and heart, are all you have to show your faith in our understanding and acceptance of the truth and reality. You can do that, as we can trust you will speak the truth and reality. Your words are all you have between you and us. We know it and you should, make sure it's a real conversation with us, the American people.

We expect honest and truthful words spoken with heart and conviction. Anything less will inform more than anything else. And we are listening now and will until your words become your enemy. Please don't make that happen. We're always here, always ready to listen. To your words and all they convey. And we won't be your enemy.

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