Thursday, January 22, 2009

NPR - Blog for Choice

This is Blog for Choice Day.

Women deserve access to the full range of information and services to make the proper family planning and women's reproductive choices, and this, in my view, includes unrestricted and affordable, if not free when necessary, access to abortion information and services, unimpeded by anyone else.

I'm not going to hide my view that I support Roe v Wade, as I have already expressed my view on this issue. I hold no reservations about what women's rights are here, it's a decision between herself and her physician, and no one has the right to interfer with her decision about her own health, body and reproductive choices.

So, I don't know what else to say except that I want the Obama Administration to support this view and not just with words but actions, with proposing and supporting legislation for women's rights and with protection for the health care providers from protestors preventing access or the work of clinics. I want Obama to tale action against states which inhibit if not prohibt full access to information and services.

I want the Obama Administration to take a strong positive position on the issue of this not just here in the US, but more importantly and critically, around the world. In every nation where it's restricted or worse, prohibited. And if necessary, tie US foreign aid to women's rights and freedoms with their reproductive health. Let's lead the world here and there and show our respect for women.

Support a woman's freedom and rights to choices today, and every day from now on.

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