Sunday, February 1, 2009

JMO - Long road trip

I have to say, I voted for Obama reluctantly. Not because I didn't think he'd be a good President, but his words didn't exactly inspire me. He carried a ton of promises through the campaign knowing they couldn't all be done in the first year or even two, and many were just campaign rhetoric, or as I heard it to be. But his term so far is impressive, and I think there is hope he could be a better President than many thought.

That's in the future. It's a long road ahead, and a lot of problem lie in the road, from simple speed bumps to big detours. And there is a lot of opposition with signs to change direction everywhere along the road. I'm still not all convinced by some of his Cabinet Secretaries, but I decided to withhold judgement until I begin to see their decisions and actions and the results of them. They too have a long, hard road.

Bush left a legacy no President should face. He simply screwed this country, nation, economy, international reputation, etc. every which way but right, and starting requires undoing what Bush's cohorts and staffers left in the desks and closest of the laws, requlations and policies. They were dangerous then and now their crap needs to be sweep into the sewer where it belongs. That takes time as the government's rules require, but I have no doubt now many will be reversed or changed to the right direction.

And so, I do have some hope for President Obama, and this country. I know we won't always agree, that's normal, and it's my right to speak against him when I disagree. But now I know I can because there are eyes and ears in Washington, not blind and deaf people in political power as we knew with Bush, Cheney, etal. And sometimes yelling will be in order, but that's our democracy at work.

And so, I do believe our democratic republic will be restored far away from the corporate, imperial oligarchy we had with Mr. Bush. Or so he believed he was. There is warmth and sunshine in Washington now. It won't always be that way, but we know it's the model of not just possibiliity but also reality. We didn't have that the last 8 years when fear and paranoia spread from the White House, when lying and cheating were the norm with corporations, government contracts and politicial appointees, and mistrust of citizens and spying on them by the government was widespread.

It's a start. And who knows from here, but so far, I like what I see and hear. President Obama, you're ok.

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