Sunday, February 15, 2009


Update February 24, 2009. The ImagePro Website was taken down due to a complete replacement of the underlying programs for the design, implementation and presentation of the Web pages for photographers. At this time there is no known date for the release of the new version, and after that everyone will have to recreate their personal Web pages. So, it will be awhile when this link actually works again.

Original Post.

I've finally gotten around to adding my ImagePro Website. It's a new feature with subscribers to, which I've been for a while. It was added after was bought by NameMedia which owns a nunber of similar type Websites for other interests and activities. But right now it's under redevelopment as the original design had serious programming flaws, and still does.

It's fair to say working on your Website on ImagePro is like killing cockroaches, everytime you do something and save it, it either doesn't remember what you did or it creates its own code to insert with your changes. For every bug you fix, there always more that seem to come from nowhere. I spent nearly four hours working on the template for something that should have taken an hour at most.

But it's there for now. I focused it only my Mt. Rainier work for now. The photo display rotates through all the registered galleries, so it looks odd if you mix and match them without any description, which it doesn't allow yet. The programmers on are working on it, but for now, there's no timeline on when it will be fully operational. And I'll be playing with the templates too, so the presentation will change.

Well, that's it for this post. Just an announcement.

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