Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JMO - Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

I have noticed that several senior and Cabinet appointments by President Obama have been withdrawn over small problems with their income taxes, all of which were rectified and paid. So, without any pretense of diplomacy, what don't you understand to get real and let these folks serve the President and the people? What they did was small and inconsequential to the bigger picture and need for their experience and knowledge.

The American people are far more understanding of the mistakes of people like Governor Bill Richardson, (former) Senator Tom Daschle and others than you are. You're making a mountain out of a media and pundit molehill for nothing except noise, hearing yourself whine about ethics. Are you so good, honest and ethical that you're immune from the same issues and criticisms?

I don't think so and you know so. The American people want solutions to big problems, not petty bickering. You're behaving like children, except you're our elected representatives. As your mother would tell you, "Act like an adult."

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