Monday, February 9, 2009

JMO - Proving APA stupid

Update.--This post has been updated with another post about an interview with Kim Petras. It still shows the diagnosis for GID in children is valid and medical help is both necessary and beneficial.

Original post.--Ok, that's not hard sometimes, proving an academic doctor (PhD) stupid. It's only take perservance and persistence to get through graduate school and your dissertation to get that honor. The PhD, not being stupid. It's doesn't mean they're smart, just intelligent in one respect and one aspect of academia. But that's not my point here today. This post is about a 16 year old proving psychologist stupid.

I doubt many people follow issues in the transcommunity and with transpeople. I have some friends who were trans, meaning they've long finished their transistion (male to female) or they're still in their transistion. I have a wide diversity of friends and like to see the whole of human nature and people. Ok, not everyone. Criminals are another matter. And crazy people, often homeless or transients, are in their own world.

Even they're interesting from a safe distance, but the rest of human beings are interesting to meet and expand my view of the world. Anyway, there is this issue in the transworld that only psychologists know who's real, meaning a transperson, to transistion. Except gender identity is self-recognized and indentified and can't be refuted by medical science. Psychologists can't prove them wrong, they can deny your view of yourself is right.

That the catch-22, because many psychologists, who controls the transistion process, don't want to help transpeople but want to impose their morality and standards of normality over transpeople through the medically accepted Standards of Care (SOC) to restrict access to medical help, insurance coverage, employment rights, legal protections, and so on. In short, deny they exist, or worse, simply deny they're right.

But then those very same people who judge transpeople won't spare a moment of thought deciding the sex and/or gender of an intersexed infant, and then perform surgery to ensure their decision was right. But sadly, history has proven they're wrong far more often than they're right, and even when they're right, they inflict great harm to the child and later adult learning their history.

My point? Well, a young 16-year old girl, Kim Petras, has proven the whole comunity of psychologists wrong. Psychologists have long argued that children don't really know they're trans or argue they can simply be taught to be normal (reparative therapy), meaning acting the gender of their birth sex. In short, deny a child's innate identity of themselves.

So young Kim transistioned complete with SRS and is getting on with her life. She's happy. And the psychologists are saying she can't be and didn't deserve the right to surgery. Only they know, certainly not the child. But she does and did know. And stands there showing the whole trans morality psychologists impose as a sham disguising morality as science.

A young girl proved them wrong and can get on with her life, as she knows herself to be. And all the psychologists in the world can't prove otherwise. What's not to smile and wish her well? And what's not to smile and know psychology and psychologist aren't scientists, but simply moralist with PhD thinking they are right when they're so wrong.

People are real and true. Psychology isn't and psychologist aren't. They're simply guessing at the world and people, with no more insight than the rest of us. And Kim stands there happy proving them so stupid, and she doesn't even care, because that's the point. Being trans isn't about a wrong mind, but a wrong body, and once that's fixed, then everything falls away and life become whole and complete.

There's nothing wrong about transpeople, no matter how hard psychologists try to make the case. And Kim Petras is the living proof.

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