Thursday, February 19, 2009

JMO - One simple fact

I know there's a ton of stuff in the media about the argument or debate, whichever term you like to use, between evolution and creationism, and while it's clear there isn't any real debate, one's a belief and one's science. I was reading a letter today in the New York Times and the individual showed the one simple fact that often gets overlooked in the whole debate and makes it meaningless.

What, it's a meaningless debate? Yes, as many scientists have shown, sometimes in court cases. It's meaningless because creationist raise one point that is the fundamental flaw in their whole line of logic and reasoning. The very foundation of their cases is flawed and therefore the rest is simply stupid.

And yes, stupid. It's the one simple fact that evolution is not a theory. Evolution is a scientific principle of life that has shown perserverance and flexibility to continue to improve as more evidence produces more knowledge which produces a better understanding of the whole scheme of life on this planet.

And we also know creationism is not theory and never has been or ever will be. It's a belief system founded on the Bible which can't be tested or proven. So you can't compare theories when neither are theories. The former is science and the latter is religion. So all the debate is meaningless because they can't be compared on the same level to discuss with any sense of merit or value.

I make this argument because the writer of the letter, while defending evolution, forget and called it a theory. That notion has long since been killed by the knowledge and information of science. It's a process and method about life on this planet, and along side all the other principles of life, are what describes, understands and interprets what we experience, simple and simply life.

Evolution is. And it is reality. And a principle. It has long outgrown the theory stage, just as relativity has since Einstein wrote his famous papers. It's not absolute because life isn't absolute as is the history of this planet. Evolution changes with the evidence and ideas. It itself evolves as we learn more about it. It's that simple.

So, any argument any creationist can make is simply ludicrious because they're arguing something that isn't here anymore and they're arguing their own ideas which never were anyway. Evolution isn't a theory anymore and creationism never was or will be. I'm not against people believing creationism, it's a personal choice, just not mine. But to argue it's a theory is ridiculous.

And it's not a semantic argument. You can't argue a theory or about a theory that isn't a theory. You can't debate theories when neither are theoirs. You can't make a theory from your imagination or belief that you want it to be. That's the one simple fact.

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