Thursday, January 1, 2009

NPR - Please excuse the writings

I got to thinking after writing recent posts, that many people would or could read them and say, "Huh?" Or, "Like what's he talking about except his life?" I know and understand, I read some blogs and ask the same question(s). So, if my writings don't do much for you, so be it. That's the beauty of the Internet, you just surf on to somewhere else.

The real purpose of my writings is more to think out loud, nothing really important, just thoughts, ideas and questions we all have. I just decided to let them out of my brain. If the words brings a smile to your face, a quizical look, a tear in the corner of the eye, or a "Hmmm..." in the mind, that's enough for me.

And why the quote from Lewis Carroll? We should not forget the Internet allows us to just wander around, through and back to where you started, and hopefully, a little wiser or smarter. And don't forget Dr. Suess.

Hmm...,going or coming?
There's places to see!
But don't be long now.
You still have to be!

And so, where ya' goin' now?

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