Friday, January 9, 2009

NPR - Thank you Ms Warnes

I found that Jennifer Warnes has re-released her "Famous Blue Raincoat" album and CD with a reworking from the original analog studio tapes. They're Leonard Cohen songs so they're well written, but they're more wonderful with her voice. I've followed Jennifer Warnes since her debut in the LA production of the musical "Hair". I have all of her albums (really) and some of her CD's (later CD's not released on vinyl.

Her voice is like the finest Canadian sipping whiskey, it's flows smoothly into you, wanders around your brain and with a mellow, soothing, warm sensitivity fits into your mind, like it's at home and you're at home hearing the sound of her voice. From her very first to her latest songs, her voice aged but never lost its soulful warmth to feel good. It is hers and it's your when you listen.

What else is there to say, but simply Ms. Warnes, thank you from my heart all these years.

Photo on her Website, no photo credit listed.

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