Monday, March 9, 2009

JMO - Bush Years

I've been reading about the debate whether or not to investigate the Bush years, revisiting old issues such as the War in Iraq, illegal surveillence, torture, no-bid contracts, corporate contract fraud and abuse, and on and on. There are so many, you can pick one and still be a winner.

I'm a supporter of any investigation into any issue of the Bush years, and I'm glad to hear when the Democrats and Independents argue to do that. I really like the idea of investigating the Justice Department lawyers. I want to hear the whole story, how the Bush administration through the Attorney General to obfucated the laws protecting people's rights in the name of fighting terrorism.

And we know that excuse is a fraud. It's the same excuse law enforcement agencies used for the illegal surveillence and secret silent warrent programs and laws. That's because while they were used these to investigate possible terrorists they're investigated for more innocent people. Studies have show that at least 95% of the use of these programs were used with non-terrorist cases and on innocent citizens.

And that's American citizens. You and I. For no reason other than the agents and lawyers providing "evidence" and spectulations of wrong doing. Never a criminal act, just suspicions which rarely lead to anything, and even then usually minor criminals charges. To date no American citizen has yet been convicted and sentenced for terrorism under these programs.

Remember it's about committing acts of terrorism. All the cases to date have been arrests of individuals or groups speaking or suspected planning acts. Yet, the post-arrest information shows always the lead or principal voice in those groups were FBI undercover agents. Yes, the FBI instigated group to plan terrorists act to arrest them. In one case the FBI actually provided the money, logistics, materials and training before arresting them.

And now I want Congress, despite my less than noble opinion of politicians I have, to investigate these programs and really ask the questions. Remember the Nixon Impeachment hearings? Yeah, questions like they asked, not what we're hearing now, ones of couched and coached so the respondent can answer with impunity because it's a meaningless question.

I'm one who wants the truth and reality out there for the record and I want the member of the Bush administration to be answerable to Congress and the American people, the very people they distrusted. We're owed an answer and we're owed our chance to retribution.

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