Sunday, March 1, 2009

NPR - Twitter

Even curmudgeons learn and get better. Ok, some of us and abeit slowly, we do still get there eventually. At our own pace. And so now I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Not sure what and where these accounts will go or what they'll do for me, but mostly I want to use them to link to my Mt. Rainier NP photo guide.

The problem is that I'm not a very social person. Never have been since childhood, and likely never will be. I perfectly happy working and living alone and doing what I want and like to do, which is photography, my fledgling photography business, my photography projects, like the photo guide (above) and the early history of Mt. Rainier NP, and anything else in life I find interesting.

I also don't have the discipline to stay focused on an topic for a long time, like say days, weeks or months, unless I really believe in the value and importance of it for myself and others, in which case I'm very motivated and disciplined to meet the goals and plans. Outside of that I like to see the world but not necessarily get too deep into the issues, from those of the day to those taking months to years.

It's the choices we make about our life. I just don't have the genes which necessitates being around or with people. I have the radio and Internet to stay connected, I just don't like the presence of people. I'm not alone here either, many people are alone people - note, not loners or lonely people, they're a different kettle of soup of psychological issues. Alone people are comfortable and satisfied with being alone, and rarely, if ever, feel lonely.

That's a key distinction, something media often misses confusing the two and confusing identiying people between the two. But that's another blog post. Here, it's about why I have a facebook and Twitter account. I don't really know, except a few friends have them and it's the only way to communicate with them outside of visits. So, I have to see where it goes, or not.

Anyway, that's the news of the day on the first of March, the month of transistion from winter to spring.

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