Monday, March 2, 2009

JMO - Inheritance

If there is one reason for same-sex marriage, which I've more than written or spoken my opinion, but to reiterate, it's very simple. All other things being the same, meaning all the criteria necessary for two people to get and be married, any two people regardless of their sex or gender should have the right to marriage. It's about equal rights. That's not hard, it's human values and common sense.

And note I say, all other things being the same, meaning all the criteria necessary for two people to get and be married. Is that too hard to understand? I'm not changing anything else, just the criteria regarding sex and/or gender. And I'm separating legal marriage from the religious recognition of marriage. That's also a simple idea, because only legal marriages matter. A religious marriage is nice but it's inconsequential in a court of law or regarding the legal rights of married people.

And this is why it's important. The famous photographer Annie Leibovitz has to pawn not only all her real estate but also to pawn the rights to her photographs to pay the inheritance debt left by her deceased partner Susan Sontag, see explanation. If they were married there would be no inheritance tax, but not being married, Ms. Leibovitz has to pay a 50% tax on the value of the inherited estate.

That's not fair or right in anyone book, and not in this country. People meeting the criteria for marriage should have the right to get and be married and enjoy all the rights, privileges and protections that provides and entails. We've all heard or read the tales of partners being denied access to or right for their partner duing important and critical times, such as emergencies, and this is another, inheritance.

So, do Annie Leibovitz a favor, buy a photograph or book by her. It's the least you can do to help and send a message.

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