Sunday, March 8, 2009

JMO - Politicians

Why politicians suck. Let me see...

They sell their loyality. They leave their ethics at home. They've never been honest. They've never spoken the truth. They don't understand reality. They use their morality to discriminate. They promise and then forget they did. They never asked the right questions because they don't want to hear the answer. They never had any humility. They're arrogant beyond belief. They'll lie to get your vote.

And that's their good traits. Ok, a little too rough, but really, not far from the truth more often than not. It's the reality of politics, but it doesn't mean any politician has to sacrifice themselves in the name of success. It's just seems to be the nature of the game we have here in the US.

We didn't invent it, it's as old as man when they learned to live in communities. It's not just in the high circle of politics, it's pervasive everywhere, from the smallest local community organization to the Congress and the President. It's simply human nature to play the game, because in the end, it's all about power and control, and upward, it's about the money.

And yes, it's a rant, especially about the recent episodes of the Republicans in Congress being stupid. And some Democrats too but for now they're less so much being stupid as dumb. And there are the rare exceptions, even in Congress, Representative Kucincich comes to mind.

Why the sudden outrage. It's not sudden, just vocal and lisening to the talks about the Stimulus Package. Everybody in Congress seem to have an agenda but also everyone seems forgetting what this country and nation is about and who they represent, the American people.

Which I don't understand since they're spending our money, either now or in the future, but they're acting like it's there personal money and they have every right to bitch and moan about it. Sometimes they're just better keeping their mouth shut, like Mark Twain said, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

Ok, I'll shut up too now.

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