Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JMO - Betraying the Public

Well, dear Senators, or really Democratic and Independent Senators, you really did this time. I thought the Republicans were corrupt, especially as they demonstrated under the Bush years and with the antics this year against the healthcare reform package and other legislation, but you take the prize, and not just the prize but the host of prizes from the best, or worst, in show in political corruption to the best, or worst, in class for ethics and integrity.

You didn't just blow the public confidence out the window, you blew it out the front door and into the street. You totally betrayed the American people by buying votes to get the 60 votes you needed. You don't really care about healthcare reform, it's evident in the bill itself, full of pork and all sorts of other animal products, some found in cow pastures, all for corporations in the name of helping people, you only care about winning.

And that's what you betrayed almost as bad as the Republicans. They, and you at times, like the vote on the wars and war appropriations for Afghanistan but particularly Iraq, which wasn't related to 9/11 - you bought and paid for the lies, were the worst in recent history at corrupting the process and the results. The American people are now on the hook for trillions of dollars for decades into the future for these wars which won't be won, but like Vietnam, only worse, exited with a pseudo-victory.

But this time, you were so focused on winning you forgot what it was about, real reform and real help for the American people. And in the end, you did it for nearly $900 Billion, except you and President Obama, will promise it won't be that bad as healthcare costs will go down. Like my premiums, which by the way have never gone down and never will? And my coverage which never improves?

I've already written how you've lost me as a Democrat. Well, I won't change my party affiliation because I want to be a Democrat who votes against you within the party. Every candidate you present for election and every piece of legislation you present will automatically recieve a no vote unless you can prove the candidate is for the people and not just espousing political rhetoric for votes and you can prove every piece of legislation helps the people far more than corporations.

But most of all I want to see you clean up the deficit. President Clinton, with a lot of timely luck, managed to have a surplus budget and start decreasing the deficit. I want you do to the same for future generations. I want you to be fiscally conservatives toward corporations and fiscally helpful for and to the people, you know those Americans who voted you into office. And for God's sake, balance the fucking budget! If i can live within one, you can for us.

I want you to show you're really democrats, and not a disguise for gross corruption and incompetence as the Republicans have already shown. Otherwise, I'll be there, just an ordinary citizen exercising my right of free speech condemning you for your republican-like antics and results. And I won't speak out for let alone vote your candidates until I see something better.

And yes, I know my voice and vote is really insignificant and immaterial to you. But then I served my country during the Vietnam era. I am a veteran who served to make this a better country, not a corrupt one as you've demonstrated this year, and I expect in future years too. I hope you lose in 2010. You deserve to lose. And right now a lot of the shine has worn off President Obama, and right now I don't plan to for him in 2012 either.

And so dear Senators, as the old saying goes, "You screwed the pooch." with the American people. And we will get our day in the voting booth next November. We will remember because we live with what you've done to us and not for us.

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