Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JMO - When Democrats aren't

When they're not being democrats or democratic. Right now with the healthcare reform package they've managed to show how gutless and spineless they are for representing the people, the very people they promised to work for, us. They sided with a few extreme Republicans and one egotistic Independent to either remove or dilute provisions which have value for all of us or for all women.

And in the end they sided with the pharmaceutical companies on prescription drug reform, not allowing us but allowing companies, to import foreign-made drugs or US-made drugs shipped and resold in foreign countries. Our country has the highest prescription drug costs in the world, at least 2-3 times the nearest country and often 5-10 times more than most countries. And we're paying those same prices for cheaper foreign made drugs imported by the companies.

And in the end they sided with anti-public option folks not to provide reasonable and affordable health insurance to the 45 million uninsured in this country who will still rely on public assistance to clinics and hospitals mandated to serve them at a financial loss. We, the taxpayer, will still pay the bill, not share it with them but pay all of it. And that doesn't include the underinsured or those denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or denied coverage for illnesses or conditions with insurance.

And in the end they sided with the anti-abortion folks not to provide better healthcare for women and provide better and affordable service with the reproductive choices. They simply denied women for being women. All because a few old white men can't understand why a women should have the right to an abortion for personal or other reasons. They'd rather see a depressed pregnant woman and an unwanted child in this world, all in the name of their religious or family values.

And in the then they sided with one really arrogant and egotistic Independent Senator who can make an ass out of the Democrats and the Democratic party to show how gutless and spineless they really are when they need his one vote to pass the bill. They caved into him out of fear. Not reason, not being honest, and not representing us, but his trite and petty view.

And in the end they screwed the American people. There will be some good things in the bill, but it won't be what it could have and should have been. As Democrats they owed it to the American people to try and to get a bill really worthwhile, but this one is a shell, a shell game of politics. Not unlike everything else they don't get done for us. Sell promises for votes and they renige for corporate money.

And in the end the American people lose. Both good healthcare and good government. And the Democrats have now lost my vote from now on. They're simply the Emperor who has no clothes, standing at the podium declaring victory but clothed in the naked truth. Personally, right now, as I've said already, I'd like to see this bill fail. Fall on its face exposed as what it is, a sham and scam on the Americn people for the drug and health insurance corporations.

But then I'm not in the Senate, and verbally dancing as my Senators may do to sell it here, It won't change the bill or the truth about the bill. It's the old adage about making a silk purse. The bill really is pork, except we're buying the fat too.

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  1. Many of my closest friends are starting to give up. They're saying that everything is just going to go to hell and we're going to end up being a third world country with a handful of super rich people and everyone else living in cardboard boxes. And I'm starting to believe them.

    I'd like to think that there is something left to hope for, but it's become hard to do. People promise hope and change but deliver more of the same.

    I know that part of the problem is that we have legalized bribery in this country: As long as you don't say you are paying a specific amount of money for a specific vote on a specific bill, you can buy all the politicians you can afford. And for big business, that's all of them I guess.

    But then I also think that ultimately, it's our own fault. After all, nobody MAKES us vote for the people in office. Dennis Kucinich ran for president, too, but few voted for him.

    And nobody makes us vote for the guy with the biggest checkbook who can run the most campaign ads, either, but we do. So it seems like we've just gotten the bad government that we deserve for being so stupid.

    Sorry. It's depressing.