Sunday, December 27, 2009

JMO - Sorry Mr. Sparks

I read a column in today's (Sunday 12/27/09) Tacoma News Tribune, found here. Sorry Mr. Sparks, I am afraid of you with your concealed weapons permit. Yes, I fear criminals with guns, and yes, being criminals, they deserve all the penalties the law can throw at them.

But I fear you as much because I don't know who you are, as will police should you act and use your weapon, and what you will do. I would rather know everyone around me doesn't have a gun and won't act stupidly or blindly worsening any situation for everyone else. And I fear you will, thinking you're doing the right and legal thing, act equally as bad as a criminal and do the proverbial, "Shoot first and ask questions later."

I'm not going to argue you know your weapons and how to use them. I respect your service to this country, but, as a veteran who has adequate experience with weapons, I served so I can be in public knowing I'm safe from other who don't have guns, even if they're experienced. I don't want to be a victim of your actions because you chose to use your weapon.

And not fully understanding the situation or circumstances, you might act beyond the need to disarm the situation and subdue any criminal(s). You might also excerbate the situation with your weapon, creating circumstances any criminal may act beyond what they might now if no one had a gun, which would endanger everyone else because you feel empowered and decided to act.

No one doubts having a gun is power, but everyone knows two opposing forces having guns only makes matters worse. And all the knowledge and experience won't change the course of events should both use their weapons, and make everyone else innocent, and maybe injured or killed, bystanders. No one needs to worry about those of us who aren't criminals.

Sorry, all the reasons in the world won't change the fact, even lawful as you are with your permit, carrying a concealed weapons is the last thing we need in public. We have police and other law enforcements officers to protect us. We don't need citizens thinking they're better or acting on our behalf.

So, please, Mr. Sparks, leave your weapon at home. You do more harm than good carrying it around. We don't know you, and we will fear what you can and may do. That's not being a good citizen, but only an inconsiderate one for everyone's sake. And if I'm in a situation where you, or anyone with a concealed weapon, is present, don't use it, even if a criminal has a gun.

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