Saturday, December 19, 2009

JMO - Dear Senate

Take a deep breath and then take the holiday break. Go enjoy time with your family. Get away was Washington DC. No one likes what you're doing with the healthcare reform legistlation. You've wasted too much time over two asshole senators just to get their vote while you have jettisoned the liberal measures in the bill the American public wants and the liberal senators are trying to keep and not bolt the bill altogether.

Just park the bill until January. The way the bill is structured isn't going to be liked by us, the people and voters, and you'll likely take a hit in 2010 over your view and vote, either way. There are some good parts in the bill, but there are also many bad to worse parts in the bill, some we know are for the drug and health insurance companies, and not us, remember the people and voters.

The bill as structured won't provide reasonable, affordable health insurance for the uninsured and underinsured. Remember the former group can't afford any insurance, so unless you provide it through a public program, something like Medicare for the older familes and Medicaid for the younger families, they won't buy it because they can't afford it.

The bill as structured won't provide better, affordable health insurance for the underinsured. They can barely afford what they have, so adding more insurance for more money won't help them. What don't you get about these people? We're already paying the bills for these people, remember us the people and taxpayers, through public programs, so make it official, reasonable, and affordable.

And as the bill as structured won't help the already insured. It won't reduce our premiums. Mine will go up 12% in January if you do anyting at all or nothing. The health insurance companies are already ahead of you because you had them write portions of the bill and you took their checks. Yes, you did, almost all of you, if not all of you. You're corrupted by their money.

You're power, ego and authority drunk. We see and know, and we see and know you're blind to your own arrogance, ignorance and indifference to us, remember the people, taxpayers, and voters. We see it in the photos. We hear it in the interviews. We read it in the newspapers. What don't you see, let alone understand?

So take a breath and take a break. You've gone too far and about to have the linb behind cut off, in not soon, in November 2010. We will remember what you did, said and wrote. And we will vote, and more than likely against you for being so obviously stupid.

And when you come back, remember Ted Kennedy, and ask yourself, what would he want and what would he do for us, remember the people, taxpayers and voters. And then convince us this bill is better, not with rhetoric but with the truth about it. We want the truth, not cow pasture material. We know it when we step in it but apparently you don't.

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