Saturday, July 30, 2011

Congress Stop Being Stupid

The American people are tired and angry at you for your dumb and stupid political shenanigans over the debt ceiling. It's time to just pass a simple one sentence, one page bill raising the limit as has been done every time since, including 9 times during the GW Bush administration - and 18 times under Reagan. We don't want the other stuff you're trying to add for whatever reasons.

So, that's it. Simple. Just do it and get it done. Remember we get to vote in November 2012 and we will remember you.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, but I don't think the tea partiers who control the House have any idea what they are doing.

    In the first place, the debt ceiling extension is just a one page two sentence bill. That's how it has ALWAYS been done as far as I know.

    The whole "no debt ceiling extension without massive budget cuts" is a tea party thing. The two are actually separate issues.

    Also, I think that except for Iraq, Afghanistan and the Bush tax cuts, the budget would actually be in balance? Nobody says that but Clinton left a surplus and we didn't go back into deficit spending until the Bush tax cuts plus the wars.