Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry Mr. President

Mr. President,

While I will applaud you for your strategy, I won't applaud you for your speech or your "solution" to the debt limit. If you want a clean debt ceiling bill to raise the limit past the 2012 election, demand one and leave Congress to produce one. But don't sacrifice the middle and lower class, all those working people and all those families, for your political solution and re-election.

We're not the problem. We want jobs. We want a better life government provides state, communities and people. We want a future for our children with good public schools. We want good, affordable healthcare. We want the Social Security System set aside and restored to it's true funding, not stolen by Congress, for future generations.

Is that so hard to understand? Is that so hard to stand up and say? Is that so hard to support as our President? Apparently so by your speech and your words. Nothing for us and everything for the Republicans. Do you really think cuts alone will buy our vote? Do you really think progressive liberals to independents will see you as their president?

If you do, then you've been in the White House listening to advisors who have tasted too much of the inside the Beltway Kool-Aid. What's not to understand the rest of America is outside the Beltway? We're here in America? Apparently you think we're politically deaf, dumb and blind. Or so it seems from my seat.

You missed a grand moment to stand up for all of us, and you didn't.

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