Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You Women's Soccer

Thanks to FIFA Women's World Cup soccer. The whole thing from the first group match to the final Sunday. Too bad it's only every four years, but then there is the 2012 Olympics next year.
Thanks to the US Team, everyone, for a great tournament and great matches. You did yourself, the team and country proud.

And thanks for the final match. Both teams played well and as soccer goes, skill and luck won the day. The Japanese team took home the winner's trophy to soothe the sorrow of a nation from recent events and tragedies. The American team took home the honor of doing their best against a very tenacious team playing extraordinarily well.

And while no one can soothe any player's hurt from the final match, you have our respect, admiration and love for doing your best and being great players, teammates and competitors. There always is honor in that. And the Japanese team knows they won against the best in the world. You still are the best in the world.

And there is 2012 and then 2015.

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