Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Update 7/28.-- The NY Times has a good article about Al Sharpton's new anchor position on MSNBC, and despite all the denials by both sides, the truth is evident. Al sharpton's support of Comcast's purchase of MSNBC through his organization, opened the door for him getting his own show on the network. And now the black community has a black anchor for a primetime news show.

Ok, now I understand. You disciplined and then fired Keith Olbermann and have disciplined other journalists for their political contributions to causes and candidates. And now Al Sharpton has a track record of supporting causes and candidates, but that's ok to you because of what? Expanding your audience? At what price or cost? In the end, though, I don't care because you still lost a viewer.


I like, and now liked, the Cenk Uygur show on MSNBC, and your sudden dismissal of him leaves me wondering what and why? Yes, I've read the news about the show, but I really like the show, or rather liked since he's been replaced with Al Sharpton, whom I dislike since his earlier days of being a spokesman for and on black issues. Nothing against the issues, just Al Sharpton. You've lost a viewer for that hour and all the shows around it.

I liked the Keith Olbermann show, but don't watch him much on Current TV. Not sure why, because I only find Lawrence O'Donnell ok but not sufficient to remember to turn the TV on. But aside from Keith I focus my viewing of MSNBC on the 3 hours from Keith through Rachael Maddow to Ed Schulz. Otherwise, since losing Cenk Uygur, I'm not a viewer beyond that anymore, and even that's just 3, sometimes 4, days a week.

I like people who fairly and honestly disagree and even criticize President Obama, when they present the facts of his lies and his movement from the democrat base after, as we see now as, pandering to it in the 2008 campaign. I don't like President Obama anymore, so I like news analysists who do likewise to show the president as his is now, naked without a stitch of democratic clothes on his political body.

And Cenk Uygur spoke the truth many people know. You expect Al Sharpton to do better? Or are you really after the black viewers for the 2012 election campaign? Will Al Sharpton do what Cenk Uygur did, or maybe that's not what you want, to appease the White House for your endorsement of the President next year? Quid pro Quo? You scratch their poltical interests and you get something in return?

In the end, you've lost a loyal viewer, and except for a few shows a few nights a week, I don't have the interest in your network anymore. Your decision, my choice, and your loss. You go figure, I won't.

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  1. I've been figuring that they're all doomed now that Comcast owns the place. I figure it will either eventually go right wing or more likely be turned into a shopping or infomercial channel - or maybe "reality tv" of some kind.

    I first heard Cenk when he was part of the ORIGINAL Young Turks on Sirius radio in the old pre-merger days. That show Cenk with Ben Mankowiz (now of TCM) and Jill Pike, daughter of the former Paramount president best known for Star Trek (the original Captain of the Enterprise was named after him).

    By himself, Cenk wasn't as good but he was still interesting. But Comcast is a right-wing-loving, Repub-supporting empire and I am pretty sure they'd like to ditch the format. Of course, that's just my opinion.