Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Map API Help Wanted

Ok, a help wanted ad right here for my Website. I need someone who can explain the process to upgrade my Google maps (see the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide and a Web page link named "Map") to see what I've done. All my Google maps and code are in version 2 with some minor version 3 code updates, but that's the problem.

Google map version 2 maps work with version 3 code but Google version 3 map code don't work with version 2 script code. The problem is that I use a Google map key for my base map and you can use the "View Source" tool with your browser to display and read the code, just look in the header for the javascript code for the Google map.

I want to upgrade the whole suite of maps to version 3 and start with one test Web page, and that's where I need the help. I specifically need someone to explain it and perhaps using the map I have develop one working Web page. I use an external xml file for the markers and NP boundary which should translate between versions.

If you're wondering, yes, I'll pay if it's reasonable which I suspect about an hour or so would suffice for an expert with Google maps and javascript to load the map to work with the updated scripts. After that I'm a good learner, it's just Google documentation and references are written for programmers, not an amateur like me.

It took me a month to learn version 2 and get one map done and working and almost a week to upgrade part of the script to version 3 updates. Right now I'm not sure how much is version 2 or 3 with the code but all I need is to learn to load version 3 code maps using an API key and map (have Google code there) I have which I can't get to work.

The goal is to develop at least 5 more maps (one for each quadrant, see section 4 Web pages for the areas with maps) with the main map I currently use, but until then I'll trudge along learning and finding working examples (anothe way I learn, steal code) until someone sends an e-mail to offer help, suggestions, examples or services.

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