Friday, March 23, 2012

LF - Layton 45A

Update April 16, 2012.--This week the check arrived and was deposited. Mr. Layton is working to get an update to people on the history of the production of the L-45A and when it might be produced and available for sale. Many of us look forward to that opportunity, to own and use a really great camera. We can hope.

Update April 4, 2012.--This week the registered letter arrived. He had moved but none of any public records reflected this move, so the letter took a bit longer to get there. He replied he'll refund the deposit and plans to resume the work on the production of the camera, but no date was set for when. For now it's the old adage, "The check is in the mail."

Update March 23, 2012.--This week I sent Mr. Layton letter (yes, registered signature required) with a choice of refunding the deposit or sending one of the prototypes as the production camera. He once said he had made three for demonstrations and testing, and offered one until the production version was available. I'll keep you posted.

Update March 13, 2012.--Using a Web archive Website I found Mr. Layton's former Website for the L45A 4x5 camera. The Website isn't complete as it only has the shell and word content with some images, but it shows what he intended to produce.

Original Post.--Well, it seems Mr. Layton, who won an innovative design award for his then new L45A 4x5 camera (above) in June 2005 and promised first delivery of the camera to customers who paid deposits in December 2005, has opted to quit work on the production, reported at about 95% complete and has decided not to communicate with the depositors.

Ok, I'm not saying this is or was a scam, it wasn't. He had very good intentions of building the camera and worked to that goal, as noted was almost complete with the first 10 or so cameras, but then a series of problems occurred which derailed the production, and as now, no one knows anything except Mr. Layton.

Efforts by several photographers who know him or have met him say the interest is still there. I am one of the depositors (fall 2005) but after 6 years all I have is a series of old e-mails with explanations and promises, but not word when the cameras will be produced let alone delivered.

But I still want one of his cameras. It's still innovative for its design and function, and while some are comparable, none match it. I just wish he would say something. I've discovered while he occasionally active on some photography forums he doesn't have a Website anymore and while I think I have an address for photography studio, I can't confirm it to send a registered letter.

If anyone knows him or knows of him, he lives and works in Norwich, Vermont, please let him know customers with deposits are waiting for news and preferably a camera. The checks are waiting.

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