Monday, March 12, 2012

Apple Pulled a MS Stunt

I noticed Apple updated their Safari browser, the main browser I use, using only Google's Chrome and Firefox incidently and a few other only a few times a year (and wonder why I still have them). Well, if you look at Apple's forum, this was a step backward and when I tried to use the autofillin to log into some forums, they bounced my userid or password and wouldn't recognize it when typed in manually.

Yeah, it's a "Huh?" Well, I decided to use the Time Machine and go back a day to put the old (5.1.3) version back, but the restore in Time Machine said couldn't do it because Safari is a part of OS-X and can't be replaced. Now that's a, "WTF!?" Really, that's the kind of shit Microsoft pulls with their operating system and applications, not Apple.

So, the result is that Apple has released a bad version which users don't like and can't change. Isn't that what Microsoft users bitch about? And now it's Apple? Makes you wonder sometimes when you begin tweaking things, you forget the effect it has on everything else, no matter how small. One little ghost in the machine and the machine doesn't work right anymore.

Now the question is when Apple will release Safari 5.1.5 to repair the damage done?

PS. When I tried to add the photo with this blog entry, it wouldn't display the image I uploaded. So it doesn't play well with blogger either.

Update.--There's more than one way to skin an operating system. If you're like me and have routine backups on other hard drives, which the backup makes a complete copy of HD and a clone of HD every night, you can simply copy and rename the old version copy and put it in the applications folder and use it, leaving Apple's broken one sitting there being useless until they fix it.

Update II.--In addition to breaking the browser, they broke one of my favorite extensions, the "Close All Tabs" extension, the "Snap Back" being the other one. I haven't checked all of the extensions (not all enabled), but breaking this one really pissed me off as they have this option in the menu with the option key but it's not as easy as the button on the tool bar.

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