Thursday, March 22, 2012

Apple App Store Bug

I've discovered Apple's App store has a really big bug, a really big nuisance and frustration for people who buy applications through the App store. And that is once you buy the app, you can't completely remove it where Apple and the App store doesn't know you bought it. You can hide the app by "removing it" but that only hides it from the list, it doesn't remove it from your account.

You can go to your account and "Reset" all the warnings about buying and downloading apps, but it doesn't remove the flag for an app you bought but don't want anymore for whatever reasons, which in my case I transferred it to the company's Website, when there is an update available for downloading.

The truth is I don't give a flying .... about this one app in the App store anymore and I'm angry Apple doesn't give buyers the option to just forget this app by completely removing it from the store. Not hide it, but just completely erase it from Apple's memory. Why they don't have this tool or function baffles me to give buyers more control of their account.

It's like Apple doesn't trust you to say, get rid of this app from your account. What store would do that, simply let you decide to forget this product? Until they do have this option, the only choice is simply ignore the warnings about the update, but then Apple should at least have the option to ignore an update or set your copy to current.

Or as often happens, there is a way and I have overlooked it or haven't found it. Ok, enuf said this morning on this topic. For now at least. I'll go refresh my coffee now.

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