Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let Me Ask You

Listening to the Republican presidential candidates, they are quick to point out President Obama's mistakes and failures with the economy, jobs and the cost of living, and they'll always tell the voters it's all his fault. But let me ask you, if they think the President can't do the job, do you really think they could do the same or better?

Think about it, they don't tell you what they can do better, they don't tell you where and how the president has failed, and they don't promise you that they can succeed, or at least say you can hold them accountable if you elect them and they fail. That's what they hope you don't see or ask, they don't have answers.

So I'll ask you, do you really believe they can do better? Did former President Bush's passionate conservatism work? Did he create jobs, improve the economy and help people? The history is there, the facts are known and the reality is ever-present today. And that was under a Republican president for 8 years.

So let me ask you, do you think a republican can do better, do you think they can be better, and do you think they'll make your life better? Has anyone of them actually have a record which shows they have done what they promise?

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