Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spyder 2 Suite

I bought a Datacolor Spyder 2 Suite monitor calibration system in 2008. When I upgraded the Mac Power PC (PPC) to a Mac Pro with Apple's backlit LED monitor in 2010, the Spyder 2 tool wasn't useable as it doesn't register backlit LED monitors. And when I upgraded to OS-X 10.7 Lion, the application became a casuality of losing Rosetta.

I replaced the Spyder 2 with a Spyder 3 Elite system which gets to my point, the Spyder 2 package is available for $65 with shipping within the US. You can upgrade the Spyder 2 application to Spyder 3 Express which does run under Lion, see their Web page for this free upgrade.

The price for this is $65 shipping included within the US priority mail. You can send e-mail if you have any questions. Please remember to check your monitor to ensure it works with the Spyder 2 tool, meaning older or non-back lit ones. The installation comes with both Mac and MS applications.

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