Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Mr President

Mr. President,

With the new agreement to keep the US in Afghanistan until 2024, adding another 10 years to the current agreement to withdraw in 2014 and adding another 10 years to the longest war in US history, now already over 10 years old, what exactly do you expect will be achieved in those years and what exactly do you think will be different between 2024 and 2014?

With this new agreement aren't you just encouraging the government of President Karzai to continue his ways of taking our money and doing nothing while encouraging the crime lords, the drug lords, the war lords and the Taliban to continue their ways and continue to make American soldiers targets of all of those groups?

Do you really think Al Qeada will go back into Afghanstan when they have a comfortable home in Pakistan under that government's protection?

Will we have the same discussion in 2022 we're having now? What military strategy is there to stay the additional 10 years?

Will we have the same discussion in 2022 about the cost, now at $45-50 Billion per year and the price of hundreds of soldiers killed and thousands injured per year?

Do we expect Afghanistan will become some democratic, industrial nation capable of self-sufficiency?

Is this about nation building? And if so, what do we expect, when and why? And how much?

Or is this really about China? Is this about keeping China out of central Asia as they're now in Iran? Is this not about the war against Al Qeada or terrorists but about keeping a US presence in the region?

Is this really about our geopolitical presence in the world, and a third-world, authoritarian nation is better than none?

I'm sorry Mr. President, I can't vote for you now. I won't vote for Mr. Romney but I can't vote for the lesser of evils either, of which you are the lesser of evil. You almost changed my mind this last year to vote for you, but now I can't because this is a bad idea, horrible strategy and a worse agreement, no matter how you try to spin it to us.

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