Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reasons for and against

There are many reasons not to vote for President Obama, from his unkept or failed promises to his obsession over healthcare instead of jobs, to his outright caving to Repubicans causing the recession to linger longer than necessary, to his failure not to approve spending to get the economy back on track. And many more from women's issues, the environment, minority issues, and so on down the line.

And there are a few reasons to vote for President Obama, but far fewer than the number of reason not to vote for him. But there is one reason more than all the reason against him to vote for him. And that's Mitt Romney. Do you really want Mitt Romney to be President and run this country like he did Bain Capital?

Think about it. Think about his record. Think about all he has said in the past and during the campaign. He's never told the truth about his views. He's never told the truth about what he would do. He's never told the truth about himself. He's just never told the truth, because he only knows to lie.

And so the vote is between a somewhat failed and flawed President and a totally untrustworthy candidate. I'll give Obama his due and give him credit for his accomplishments which have worked, but nothing more. He hasn't won my vote and probably won't by election day, but will I vote for him to vote against Mitt Romney?

I don't know yet. I'm not convinced to support let alone vote for Obama. He hasn't earned my trust in him, but he has time to convince me a vote for the lesser of evils is better than nothing.

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