Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do You Really

After reading the article in today's (5/20/12) New York Times about Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith, I have to ask do you really want a president who's Mormon? Do you really want a president who's every thought, feeling, decision and action is a faith in and a reflection of a religion which has a dubious history and not considered Christian by Christians?

Think about it. I have a friend who lived in Salt Lake City while in graduate school and working for an oil company (he's a PhD geophysicist) for several years. He routinely experienced covert discrimination by Mormons and routinely saw Mormonism expressed and pushed in politics and everything everyone does, whether you're Mormon or not.

He eventually left for Alaska and then Texas, but he expressed his dislike at the way Mormons favor their own and then treat others less, and put their faith in the laws and regulations governing Salt Lake City and somewhat in Utah. He talked about the truths of the Mormon faith, not just the surficial faith the public sees, but the one kept secret within the church leaders. When people who know has said it's cult-like, believe them, it is.

When you combine that religious doctrine, even dogma on many levels, with Romney's win at any cost strategy and tactics at Bain Capital and in political campaigns then you have a very rigid ideologue in the White House deciding the fate of this country. Yes, he would have to adapt and adjust but would he really do that considering his deep faith and rigid world view?

Do you really want a president wanting to run the country, the federal government, like the Mormon Church and with Mormon doctrines? Do you really want a president running the White House like a Mormon home? Our White House as Mormon? Our government as Mormon?

Think about all the regulations he could and would dictate be changed to comply with Mormon values? Think about all the rules and policies he could and would dictate be used to follow the Mormon view of the world, of our country, of our government and most of all of Americans?

President Bush used the phrase, "You're either for us or against us." to determine who was on his side, but the factors used were your political view of his decisions and actions. A President Romney would use the same statement, but the factors would be on faith, are you a Mormon or have Mormon values or not. And if not, even Americans, you're his enemy.

Think about it and ask yourself, do you really want a Mormon president?

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  1. I'm mostly concerned about the fact that Mitt Romney is a spoiled rich kid all grown up - someone who has never experienced even a moment of being less than super rich and above the rest of us. He has no idea what life is like for the average person and he doesn't care at all, either. To Mitt, if you don't make at least 100 million a year, you're not worth bothering with.

    Yeah, he's a Mormon too, and Mormons are weird. But to me, they're no weirder than many other religions. Your friend's experience is indicative of what happens when people of a particular religious group are concentrated in sufficient numbers to control local and state governments. It happens to be Mormons in Salt Lake City but elsewhere it might be Catholics or Seventh Day Adventists.

    Frankly, it seems like the only difference between a cult and a mainstream religion is how many people believe in it. And the more fanatical adherents to any religion tend to concentrate on promoting/pushing their beliefs in every way that they can - which can make them a cause for concern.

    For instance, I'm very unhappy with the fact that the Catholic church controls the US Supreme Court. Nobody else seems to care about that but maybe they should.