Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dreamweaver CS6

Update (5/22/2012).--I found a work around solution to the window issue by opening DW CS5 which does remember my windows (which, size and position) and then open DW CS6 which does remember which windows and then put them in one (tab form) and resize the window to the open DW CS5 size and position. Since I use both for a different set of Web pages, there's no conflict or problems. Now, I'll wait for the fix to DW CS6, if they fix it.

Original Post.--Well, after playing with Dreamweaver (DW) CS6 for awhile today, mostly trying to get it to remember my workspace window size and position, without any success as it always opens a file to full screen and reverts to full screeen when you change views or modes. It is designed to be used in full screen mode, and to put it bluntly.

This idea really sucks.

I say this because DW CS5/5.5 will remember the user settings for window size and position and always opens them the same every time. Dreamweaver CS6 is using the same files in the same folders for CS6 as it does for CS5/5.5 but it's clear to me right now it's simply ignoring them completely.

And that's what sucks, that Adobe won't give the user control over this feature to set the workspace window size and position to their liking than some default Adobe thinks is better. Yes, it's a small thing, and yes, I may be missing some setting or preference, which I'd love to know what but Adobe's customer help isn't much better (past personal experience).

So, the workaround is to open DW CS6 and just keep it open, even if you're not using it for awhile, even days, or use DW CS 5/5.5 which does work when you close and open it. And hope Adobe fixes this bug, if actually is one and Adobe decided not to allow users to control the window size and position except manually every time they open DW.

Anyway, that's the story so far. There are some other differences which I'm still getting used to and so far it's much the same, it's not that much better than DW CS 5/5.5 for me and my work.

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