Monday, May 14, 2012

A New Long Season

Well, the Mariners are back to their normal self. Ok, just a little better in some areas this year, like second best fielding in major league baseball (today anyway) and decent pitching (near the middle with a bunch of other teams.

But they're near the bottom in hitting, even worse than last year, but as we know, if you can't hit, you can't score runs with all the pitching and fielding in the world. You simply can't come back from games you should - meaning comebacks are reasons to celebrate until you realize they're too few and far between, and you can't win with more than a few runs - same again about scoring a lot of runs in a game.

In short, despite a good team of young players with a few experienced players, the Mariners are simply not showing to be a winning team. And it will be a new long season. With some good things and some good players, but they'll be very lucky to be near .500 and consider that a great season. But it all raises the question.

When will the owners decide to actually build a division-winning team and one fully capable of competing for the pennant and maybe the World Series. We can hope, as we have for 6 of the last 8 season of losing records, and 5 of the last 6 seasons with 93+ game loses (less than 70 wins).

And their start so far, 16-20 (5/14/2012) after a 11-10 start, isn't promising. The fans are slowly running out of patience with the owners and now with the team full of young players not hitting. Their professional baseball players, paid huge salaries to win. There's little the coaches can do, it's up to the players.

So how about it players. Other teams with young players have won and competing in the playoffs in the past. But not us as we have seen now for 8 years since the 2001 record-setting team (116 wins with only 46 loses), it won't be the Mariners. Again for another very long season. Well, maybe I just read about them than watch them.

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