Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Mr President II

Well Mr. President, I listened and wasn't convinced. Why? Because we've won and we're done. We defeated Al Qeada in Afghanistan where the number of them is less than 100 and we killed Osama bin Laden. And that was the objective to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

That means, we're done. We're not into spending $2 Billion a week to build a nation. We're not in to building an army and a national police and security force. For what? To attack us? To sell more weapons and other military equipment? To give money that is stolen and redirected to private bank accounts?

No Mr. President, another 10 years will only be a waste of time and money. We know the government of Afghanistan, which we know is corrupt and only wants our money, will not fulfill their goals let alone our goals and in 10 years we'll have thrown money not down the toliet but into private hands for nothing.

No Mr. President, it's time to rebuild America and the American ecomony for Americans. It's time to spend that money at home. It's time to leave while we can and not endanger anymore soldiers on wishful thinking and false hopes and promises, ours and theirs. They won't succeed and we can't afford their failure.

As I said before, you've lost my vote now for good. Maybe, but right now I don't see the reasons or the need to support your decision to invest, or really waste, another 10 years in Afghanistan for nothing. Afghanistan in 2024 won't be very much different than it is now, only richer no thanks to the US treasury, the taxpayers' money.

No Mr. President. That's my answer to you. No.

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