Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Ed

To Ed Schulz and his show tonight (5/2/12) who asks, "What don't you like about President Obama?"

No, Ed, it's not about guns, I'm for gun regulation for public safety.

It's not about Obama accomplishments. It's not about taxes.

It's about his promise to have a public option and then jettisoned it quickly in the negotiations. Most of his 2008 promises never came into reality because he doesn't fight for them. He negotiates them away for a compromise which causes more problems.

It's about staying in Afghanistan for another 10 years after we start the withdrawal the combat troops in 2014.

It's about his freezing my annuity for 2 of the last 3 years with promise he'll freeze it another 2-3 years.

It's about BP and not holding them accountable. It's about opening the Arctic waters to exploratory drilling when it's not needed.

It's about caving to the energy companies on natural gas drilling and fracking to let them protect their proprietary chemicals and not disclose the chemicals until after the well is completed and the damage underground done.

It's about not fighting for repealing DOMA when he really supports it. He hasn't supported LGBT issues because he thinks it's right, but because it's political expedient for votes.

It's about my health insurance premium going up almost 50% in two years thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act. That's what it's for, make me pay more for the same insurance?

It's about not fighting for women's reproductive healthcare, fighting against the states putting more restrictions and prohibitions on access to women's healthcare services. It's about not fighting for funding for planned parenthood and other service providers when states start cutting funding.

It's about his increase in the intelligence and surveillence of Americans for no reason violating our civil rights and privacy.

It's about the increase in TSA in airports which hasn't worked and doesn't work.

It's about his willingness to cave into the Republicans at almost every moment.

It's about all that and more. I won't argue he's the better choice as president but he's not the best from his record. On that he has been lucky and good but not good enough.

That's what it's about. What he could and should have done and didn't.

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