Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discrimination at Best

It's discrimination at best and hate at worst. That's what the voters in North Carolina and other states have done to women and minorities. It doesn't really matter if it womens' reproductive healthcare rights, marriage rights, minority rights based on religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or whatever else, it's just what it is.

And that is discrimination, but more so, it's one religious faction of our population pushing a narrow-focused and narrow-minded religious ideology and agenda for themselves, to remake the state in the image they think is right. But it's not right, it's not fair, and it's not what Jesus would do or what God has said.

They simply are using God to promote hate. Nothing less, just hate. And that's not what the Bible says, what Jesus would do, or what God would say.

We're seeing a significant size of population, about a quarter to a third, push a political agenda of hate against everyone else and they're selling it to get a majority of the people thinking it's right and fair, but it's everything but either of those. It's a sham and a shame selling hate as good disguised by marketing.

When they say, "pro marriage", they mean "anti anything other than the marriage they believe and want", and while it sounds good to get votes, it's not good when it comes to real lives, real people. These people have decided our history is irrelevant. They invent their own version of our history to believe it's what God wants.

But does God promote hate? Does God promote discrimination? Does God honor people selling hate? Does God love people promoting hate? We know the answer. If it were reversed they would call them out to say God doesn't hate. But they don't see they're promoting hate, something they would say God doesn't do.

We know, however, their God isn't God. Their God is just a God for them. That's not God. It's hate disguised as God, wrapped in the Bible they interpret to hate than understand, accept and love. They promote their views as love, but it's only love for them, everyone else isn't worth love in their view. To them, everyone else doesn't deserve love or God.

That's why they're wrong. But I don't hate them. I pity them. I don't have sympathy for them, I pray they will learn what God really is than their false God. I don't have empathy for them for I don't want to learn their hate, to practice their hate and to believe their hate.

I have hope for them that they will realize their hate but I'm not holding my breath either because I know people like them rarely change. They're fixed and fixated on their hate in the name of their false God and hateful view of all people. In the end, they're just hateful people and just hate itself, pure blind, blatant, revengeful hate.

Nothing more and certainly not God.

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