Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sorry Barnes & Noble

After reading the news Microsoft is investing in Barnes & Noble for their e-book, the NOOK, and e-book format, buying a 17.6% share and investing $300 Million in e-books, I can only say this to Barnes & Noble, sorry I won't buy anymore books from you and will gladly buy a DRM removal application for NOOK than buy another book.

I've bought 7 books from Barnes & Noble because all new books are proprietary formats now, so it's the lesser of evils between them, Amazon and Apple. The promise of a DRM-free e-pub format is long gone. But there is DRM Removal applications for specific formats for about the price of a book, and given that option, it's cheaper of by the app and convert the books I have away from Barnes & Noble's format.

And yes, the real reason is that I hate Microsoft. I'm not enamored with Apple of late, but they're still better and have better products and software. That may change over the next few years with their new OS-X 10.8 and later system and withdrawing support and new hardware for Mac Pro's. They'll simply become the lesser of evils in computer systems.

But I do have a choice of book formats, but then there is always the old-fashioned, traditional format of print. It's DRM free and reader friendly.

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