Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Question

If pro-choice advocates don't insert their views into the lives of pro-life women and demand those women get counseling on their reproductive rights, get advice on the range of choices for their pregnancy, get tests on the fetus, and consider an abortion as an option, then why should pro-life advocates have the right to insert their views into the lives of pro-choice women and demand those women get counseling on the lack of their rights, get counseling about abortion, get tests on the fetus and refuse to let them consider abortion as an option?

If pro-life women say they respect the rights of women, shouldn't they include all women and not just those who agree with them on reproductive rights? Shouldn't they stand with all women to demand the right of all women to exercise their rights as people, not just as women?

If not, isn't anything less discrimination against women, all women regardless of their moral views? So why don't pro-life women stand up for all women? Or are they more like men who demand control over women they don't agree with because they think they can and they think it's their moral right?

Since when does someone else's morality have a place in a woman's privacy over her healthcare choices and decisions, especially over her reproductive healthcare? Isn't she entitled to make her own decision with the professional, family and personal help she chooses?

Since when do pro-life women get the right to choose for pro-choice women and refuse the right of pro-choice women to choose for them?

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