Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filibuster Rules

Senator Reid has been lying to the Senate Democrats and the American people about reforming the rules on the filibuster in the Senate. Today, after a private negotiation with minority leader McConnell, he announced nothing has changed with the filibuster rules outside a few small changes.

We know Senator McConnell will lie while he shaking your hand, Senator Reid. He's proven it over and over with you and you still shook his hand again today. Are you really a democrat? Or a republican in a democratic suit? Because that's what you look and sound like today.

You have lied to us for over two years about the filibuster rules, and now you, the Senate Democrats and we have to live with your lie. Can you think of any reason the Democrats and we shouldn't fire you? Any reason? Because you seem to be more on the Republicans' side than our side.

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