Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans in the House and Senate,

With the new 113th session of Congress you have two choices. You can go along with the program to help America and Americans, where you negotiate and compromise in good faith and trust, or you can not and find yourself out of a job in November 2014. It's that simple, because we will know, we will remember, and we will show you the door with our vote.

You can smirk at being in a solid republican district. You can stand on "your principles" to fight, oppose and obstruct this president's, the democrat's and our agenda. And you can voice some radical ideal long forgotten when it was last said in the 1950's.

You can do that. And we can do what we will do when we have the power. Remember we get to decide your fate, your job and your agenda. Not you. We, the people. We, Americans. And we, America. That's what we can do.

Got that? Vote all you want against us, we get the last vote.

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