Saturday, January 26, 2013

Apple Really Sucks

Update.--Well, Apple still sucks on this but I fixed it and here's how.

1. Open iCal and export the calendar into an calendar.ics file. It's not a bad idea to do this routinely anyway, something I learned. Close iCal.

2. Turn off the Calendars and Reminders in iCloud in system preferences. Say ok to delete the calendar on the Mac as you have no choice.

3. Open iCal and import the calendar.ics file.

4. Go to the settings for the app for each device and turn off the iCloud sync for Contacts and Reminders.

5. Open iTunes with the iPad and iPhone connected to the Mac. For each device go to the "Info" section and turn on sync calendars and reminders sections. Then run the apply for each device in iTunes.

6. Check the calendars in the devices. The iPad under IOS 5.x will store the entire calendar (all events) and the iPhone under IOS 6.x will store one year of events.

Original Post.--Apple really sucks this time. I mean really sucks. And there's no excuse for their decision to do what they do with the iClouds. And why the anger Kemosabi?

I've been using my Mac to back up the calendar and reminders on my iPad and iPhone where I used the iCal application and iTunes to sync between the Mac and the iPad and iPhone. I decided this morning to move that to the iCloud, but I noticed the iCal on the two devices only display from July 2012 to this year, nothing before that when the iCal goes back to April 2010.

So I decided to undo the change, but the iCloud setting says it will erase all the events in the iCal applications. And that it does, big time, all three years. And even though I have backups of the folders to restore, it won't restore them to work with iCal.

In short, it's a one time, one way change you can't undo!

That sucks, really sucks on Apple's part to get you into the iCloud and then cut the past off you can't get back. Apple just couldn't keep the events folders and files to just resync them to iTunes. I finally managed to get my entire calendar into the iPad through the iCloud, but it's not back to sync'ing with iTunes.

Apple is getting more and more like Microsoft, acting they know better than users. This is getting sickening for a company which was open to give users control of their computers, applications and information. They should know better, but better now is for Apple, not the customers or users.

That said, I did find a way to get it back to what it was on the iPad going back to 2010, but only because the iPad runs IOS 5.x instead of IOS 6.x.  If I find a way to get it back to iTunes I will because I don't like Apple's tactics about this, taking control away.

I'll keep you posted if I succeed but don't hold your breath waiting.

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