Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apple Store Apps

Update (4/23/13).--I now have 6 applications waiting for the App store approval if the company even uploaded them to Apple as I know some haven't in e-mails they said it wasn't worth posting to the App store. They apparently don't care about the customers who bought their app through the store and can't get updates.

Original Post (4/4/13).--I've written about my experience with Apple's App store and the apps in the store, and I've long reached the conclusion if the company offering applications for the Mac's offer them from the App store and their Website, meaning not just their Website, but both, then take their Website.

I say this because I have three applications from the App store the companies have released on their Website to download through the app itself or from the Website but either haven't sent them to Apple or Apple hasn't offered them in the App store, like now weeks and months.

I've also had two companies pull their applications from the App store and some companies stop updating their applications in the App store, both of whom offer updates or upgrades through their Website, some for free with a Apple receipt or not and charging you again. Yeah, the latter sucks for customer relations.

Anyway, this is just a short note to say if you can buy the same application from both the App store and the company's Website, choose the Website. I don't buy applications which aren't offered in the App store unless I know the company to avoid buying applications which don't fit Apple's new rules or end up being a bad deal.

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