Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Government

Our government, specifically the FBI, is putting the whole weight of the government's resources to find who planted and detonated two bombs in Boston today killing two people, one an 8-year old boy, and injuring dozens more, but our government isn't putting the weight of the government's resources to go after the companies responsibile for killing 80 people every day in this country.

Our government calls the bombing an act of terrorism against our nation but our government does not call the acts of terrorism of the gun manufacturers producing weapons which killed 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut or other places of mass killings in recent years.

Our government calls a bomb an act of terrorism but calls a fully automatic assault rifle a right. How many people died from bombs in this country in recent years (hint, it's a city in Oklahoma) and how many from assault rifles and automatic weapons with high capacity magazines?

We outlaw bombs but not these guns. What's the difference if people still die from acts of violence? The dead don't care anymore, they're dead either way. But we care, so why doesn't our government?

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