Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sorry Mr President

Sorry Mr. President, selling the American people out for a compromise with the Republicans in the Senate and especially the House, isn't why we elected you and what we expected of you. You're selling compromise you know the Republicans won't agree with and know they will move the goal posts for you to move more to the right.

You know this because you've seen this from the Republicans all along. They won't compromise. They won't budge. They won't do anything to help you, this country or the American people. They know this because you've always compromised more and more to the right of center.

Sorry Mr. President, I can't believe you or support you until you stand with the American people, stand with the Democrats, and stand for fairness for Americans, and then hold your ground even if the Republicans don't move. We get to and will decide their fate in 2014.

Don't sell us out for politics. We don't want pennies when the corporations, banks and industries get millions. We want a president who stand for and with us, not talk about it, but do that, and not what you're doing.

You want expedient political solutions. We want real solutions. We want you to stand where we are than where the Republicans stand as you have done and are doing now. Time to stop. If you don't, don't expect our support.

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