Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can We Not Be Stupid

Do we realize the more news stories about the Boston bombing we air, the more human interest stories we tell, the more analysis we do, and the more editorials we give, the more we give credence to the bomber(s)?

Let's not hype this beyond what it is, a bombing carried out by some group for some purpose unknown, and we will know who and why, but let's not overhype the importance of the target, whatever or whomever it was.

Let's not call this a national tragedy to give it importance in the mind of those who carried it out. Let's not call it an attack on our nation, the people or our democracy.

Let's not call it an attack on some pretigious event because of the event.

Let's not put it in the realm of the real terrorists attacks we've experienced in hour history. There's been enough bombings in the past more potent, as we experienced in New York City in 1920 and Oklahoma City in 1995.

Let's not make it more that it is, a criminal act of violence meant to kill and injure people at an event. Anything more only helps those who want and plan new attacks to feel more important than they are, being just criminals.

Let's not be stupid. But I'm talking to a wall of media cameras and TV shows doing just that, being stupid.

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