Friday, May 17, 2013

Apple iTunes 11.0.3

Well, I updated iTunes to the lastest update, 11.0.3, and they still keep changing the cosmetics of the application but not the underlying work of it, or at least something I've been bitching about for awhile now, which is loading the album artwork.

Under iTunes 10, all the album (both artists and albums) artwork was loaded when you opened iTunes then scrolled to the end, and was kept in active memory where you could scroll and always see the album covers. This changed with iTunes 11.

Under iTunes 11 you still have to scroll to load the album artwork but then after awhile it moves the non-displayed artwork to inactive memory where you have to scroll again to reload it into active memory. This means you have to scroll slow enough so it loads all the artwork again.

And it keeps doing that until you close iTunes. I won't argue this cuts the amount of active memory for iTunes with other applications, but it also means any system maintenance or user command (eg. purge) which clears inactive memory erases all the non-displayed artwork.

This means it's like starting over to scroll from top to bottom again to load it for the time it's in active memory again. Why can't Apple just add a feature with a user preference setting or menu tool to load all the artwork without scrolling and have a setting to keep it in active memory?

You had some of this with iTunes 10 which kept all the artwork in active memory when loaded by scrolling, so why can't you do it again but add a way to load it when opening iTunes? People can ignore it but some like me can use it.

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