Sunday, May 26, 2013

If as you say

If as you say Mr. President, you, as president, have the authority and power to use drones to target foreign individuals you determine are terrorists and an immenient threat to the US, what right does that give you, or any president, to stop the leader of any other country the right to do the same to an American citizen in the US?

What if the leader of a nation decides one or more Americans, using the guidelines you approved, and decides to conduct drone attacks against these American wherever they are in the world, even without the permission or knowledge of the government of the country, including the US.

If you have established the policy and precedent, then what right do you have to stop them? You don't and you can't. You have put this country at the lead of a long road where any country can use drones anywhere in the world whenever they want to target enemies of their nation.

That's not making us safer, it's making us the target. Don't expect a thank you for it.

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