Friday, May 31, 2013


If I watch the news channels it's almost always MSNBC because of the professionalism of the people behind the shows and on the air. But I won't watch them if they focus on one issue, mostly a natural or human disaster, continually, like the the tornado approaching Oklahoma City tonight.

Enough already, as we're hearing the same news repeated or updated every few minutes with interviews from the same people over and over, ad naseum. I'm not discounting the importance of this event especially in light of the last tornado which hit the community of Moore outside of Oklahoma City.

But with all the other things going on in this country and around the world, the events in Oklahoma City don't amount to much that the viewers want the broad scope of the news of the day and the relevance to their lives.

It's why when even MSNBC is going non-stop on one issue I turn off the channel and often the TV. I can easily turn it back on hours later and get the same amount of news without all the repetition. It's not boring but it's boring when it's the same news repeated ad naseum.

So MSNBC, don't be like Fox News, CNN or the other news shows in endless 1 minute news repeated  continually. It's the best way to kill the interest of the viewer. Just update the viewer a few minutes every hour, do the rest of the news and you'll be fine.

Otherwise, I'm not watching.

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