Sunday, May 5, 2013


The NRA is more interested in protecting the rights of criminals than citizens and especially victims of gun violence. The NRA would rather keep the current legal ground where any criminal can get a gun from guns owners, at gun shows and through straw purchases than protect the American people by requiring universal background checks and banning straw purchases.

The NRA is more interested in selling more guns than anything else, even respecting the view of the majority of its members who support universal background checks. The NRA which currently has only about 5 million members acts like it represents the 100+ million gun owners in the country. But it doesn't.

The NRA is a gun manufacturers lobby and nothing else. Wayne LaPierre is their puppet and nothing else. It's time the members of Congress realized this and acted for all Americans, especially the 80 who die every day from gun violence. It's time Congress stood up for us the 97+% who aren't NRA members.

It's time Congress did the right thing. How about it Mr. Reid and Mr. Boehner. Or are you still too coward to do that over the minority opposition? It's not about politics anymore, it's about people and it's time you understood that.

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